About Joan Molloy Slack

Joan is an artist, teacher, and community activist. In her art, she works in a variety of media, all with common themes. She lives on Madeline Island in Lake Superior, where the water and sky inspire her every day. She also sells fiber equipment and feltmaking supplies through her business “Riverrun Fiber Arts”.

The landscape, water, mythology and history of these places find their way into her art.  Raven sculptures, Green spirits, women in carved clay boats, functional pottery…all are areas expressed with clay. She also creates hand-felted pictorial art, as well as “eco-prints”, botanical prints on fabric and paper…..all reflect her love of place, color and story.

A long held fascination with archaeology has led Joan to study the pottery and sculpture created by prehistoric societies, through a Masters Degree program and in workshops overseas. She specializes in creating replica pottery from ancient America and Old Europe.

See currently offered small group tours she offers and read her travel blog at www.authentictravelandtours.com  She is a dual citizen-Irish American-and frequently teaches and leads small group tours in Ireland, Scotland and France.

To contact Joan regarding her art, teaching or tours, call 715-550-0858 or e-mail joanslack33@gmail.com

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