Prehistoric Replica Pottery

Art and Archaeology

finshed prehistoric potteryA lifelong interest in archaeology and the first human artists led Joan to research the earliest known pottery and sculpture made in North America, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland and France.

She has worked with native potters learning processes of creation, decoration and firing that have been handed down for 5,000 years. Travels to Europe led her to research private
collections in major museums, where she has photographed and studied the ancient pottery.
Pehistoric sampler with firingMost recently, while studying Neolithic pottery making at a workshop in France, Joan
researched the digging and processing of clay, ancient forming and firing techniques, and
decoration using authentic tools such as bone, stone and fiber.

Joan Molloy Slack holds degrees in Art,
English and Education K-12, as well as a Masters Degree in Ceramics. The art history
component of her Masters Degree included research and travel to Orkney, Ireland and lower Scotland studying the ancient pottery, rock art, stone circles and Neolithic culture.

Replica Pottery

Meticulous attention to process and detail brings to life replicas of a variety of pottery from early history. Custom orders of specific pieces for exhibits or sales are available. We also create a line of replica pottery in various sizes, styles and price ranges for museum shops and galleries. See the Sales Gallery for pottery styles available. Please call to discuss prices for custom work.

Presentations and Workshops

Using site specific photos and stories from her travels and research, the past is brought to life through our presentations. Photos, examples of pottery styles and decoration, historical and cultural aspects, and visual aids are included:

  1. Slide presentation -One to three hour slide lecture with examples of pottery displayed
  2.  Presentation and Demonstration Рdemonstration of the creation and decoration of ancient pottery.  2 1/2 hour minimum, up to full 8 hour day; can also be extended to include more in-depth demonstrations 2-3 days
  3. Demonstration and Hands-on workshop – Hands-on workshop for participants to learn the techniques and processes used by the earliest potters. This option can be scheduled by class, a full day, or up to 5 day workshop. More in depth work can be done accordingly, which can include and outdoor firing. Please call to discuss costs, maximum students and time requirements, and customizing a course to meet your needs.
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