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Private and semi-private classes   All of our class offerings are available to individuals and small groups by arrangement. Weekend workshops can also be arranged to expand upon class content. Cost will vary depending upon time and duration. If a particular class appeals to you, determine the time and number of people you would like to involve, and we can take it from there! We do need advance notice to arrange for these sessions.

 FELT MAKING/ FIBER CLASSES   Fall 2021    Register by contacting Joan Slack or 715-550-0858

  • Introduction to Needle Felting   This as a great place to begin to learn how to needle felt. We will cover equipment, materials, and techniques.  Students will create a sampler of different methods, then a colored wool landscape to utilize the techniques learned. Several projects may be completed if time allows.

2.5 hours, $30 per person, includes all materials September 25, 9:30-12:00, Octeber 9, 9;30-12:00

  • The ART of Felt Making   After an overview of the history of wool and its uses, we will learn the many ways to work with fleece and needle felting to create functional and decorative works of art. Students will create a sampler of different methods, and then will create several projects focusing on landscapes, seascapes and composition. 3 hours,

$35 per person, all materials provided. September 25, 12:30-3:30, October 9, 12:30-3:30

  • Wet and Needle Felting   This class offers an overview of all of the ways to work with fleece to create beautiful, functional and artistic felted pieces. Demonstrations followed by hands-on creation will allow participants to try the varied methods of bonding wool fiber into fabric, from wet felting to needle felting. 4 hours, $40 per person, equipment and supplies provided.
  • Tree Spirit Art Dolls    In this workshop we will construct art doll sculptures, with the tree spirit as the guide. Using clay faces, found materials, and mixed media, such as beads, cloth and embellishments, each person will create a sculpture that has special meaning and is a unique personal expression. We will explore personal symbolism and motifs as the dolls are constructed, incorporating individuality into the finished product.

3 hours, $35 per person, supplies provided.


  • Hand-building with Clay   This class focuses upon learning ways to create functional pottery using a variety of techniques and methods, including coiling, slab construction, and using forms to create shapes. Lessons will include discussion of design, creating textures and patterns, and using a variety of tools to create one of a kind artwork. No experience necessary.

3 hours, $35 per person. 6 hours, $55 per person. Cost includes clay, firing and glazes.

  • Tile Making   Learn the art of creating hand-made tile! We will explore the many design and decoration options available, such as carving, using slips and stains, and creating unique textures. You will create several tiles that can be hung on a wall. No experience necessary. 3 hours, $35 per person
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